This Secret Hidden Spy Cam that finally gives you the peace of mind you want!

Toss away all those bulky and screaming “WE’VE GOT A CAMERA AT HOME” surveillance cameras and get yourself this beauty. Smart Home Spy Cam looks like an ordinary USB phone battery charger but it is so much more. All you need to do is plug it into any socket and let it do the rest. The hidden cameras will record whenever the device is plugged into a wall outlet and will stop when removed from power. No switches, no remotes, no flashing lights, no low batteries to worry about.

Smart Home Spy Cam hidden security camera is extremely easy to use and install. Plug it into any AC outlet and the camera will start recording. There is no complicated setup or configuration needed.

To watch your recorded videos, simply connect the USB hidden camera charger to your PC or Mac computer via the included USB cable.

Spy cams aren’t just devices to be used by international spies in movies. They are easily available tools that people should be using in their regular lives. Have you ever wondered if your Nanny is really taking good care of your child? If your Pet its ok when left alone? Do you worry that your home might be broken into, or vandalized? Smart Home Spy Cam is your solution.

  • YOU’LL BE ABLE – to keep a watchful eye on your most prized possessions and loved ones with your USB hidden camera, or just find out who is stealing your precious Oreos throughout the day with its FULL HD 1920X1080P video recording.
  • THE PREMIUM QUALITY – will combat the most destructive terrible two’s toddler or slobber ridden pooch with its heavy duty plastic shell.
  • DISCRETELY HIDDEN CAMERA – No one will ever noticed its an actual hidden camera until you show them that embarrassing moment you happen to catch them in. All you have to do is plug your “Phone Charger” into any outlet and it automatically starts recording! To view videos just use the provided USB cable and connect to any computer!
  • MOTION DETECTION – Your USB Hidden Camera will pick up any unwanted visitors with ease, or just place near the trash to find which of your playful pets is guilty of destroying the trash in search of those delicious leftovers from last night.
  • WE PROMISE – This full HD hidden camera will deliver plenty of embarrassing moments, tons of laughs, and the feel of your belongings being watched over and protected for years to come. With its 32GB internal memory and Loop Recording you will never have to worry about missing any hilarious moment. Also dont forget… IT EVEN CHARGES YOUR PHONE AT THE SAME TIME!

Motion Detection Feature